Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

Make Any BBQ Rub with the Rub Matrix

Here, in easy-to-understand chart form, is how to customize that rub to produce a wide range of flavors and ethnic character. By subtly varying each core ingredient—and adding strategic aromatics—you can create an infinite variety of rubs.

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Grill Baskets

Here’s a guide to some specialized grill baskets in my Best of Barbecue line. All are designed to make grilling easier and to make you grill like a pro.

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Where Did Kamado Grills Come From?

Jeroen Hazebroek impressed me by both his knowledge of kamado cookers and the lusciousness of the food he cooked on them. I asked him to share a blog post with us on the history of this singular and eminently versatile cooker.

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Big Bad Beef Shoulder Clod

Barbecuers seem to give pork shoulder (a.k.a. Boston butt) all the love, ignoring its beef counterpart, shoulder clod. Haven’t heard of it? Clod is one of the sacred meats in the Central Texas Barbecue Belt and nearly unknown everywhere else on the planet.

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Project Smoke on Public Television

Excited? That doesn’t begin to express the emotion. After years of planning and months of shooting and editing, my new TV show, Project Smoke, launches on Saturday, June 27 (and in some cities July 4th weekend or later this summer).

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Recipes and Crowd Favorites

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