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Win a $100 Gift Certificate to Nueske’s

To celebrate National Pork Month, Nueske’s is giving away three $100 gift certificates, so you can order all the smoked bacon, ham, sausage, ribs, or chops you want.

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Food Dude: Stanley Tucci

“I’m completely food-obsessed,” says Tucci, who attributes his passion for cooking and eating to his parents and his grandparents, who were born in Calabria, Italy.

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“Secreto”: The Best Kept Secret in Barbecue

My find was a package of pork labeled “Secreto Ibérico de Bellota”—the “secret” cut from one of Spain’s acorn-fattened pigs. Bellota means acorn in Spanish. But what exactly is secreto?

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Behold the Bacon Weave

Just in time for National Pork Month, it’s time to tackle the bacon weave, that magnificent mat of pork meat and fat that’s taken the blogosphere—and our barbecue community—by storm.

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In Praise of Pork Chops, Part 2

Sometimes you have to adapt your grilling techniques to the foods you actually find at the market. So here are six fail-proof techniques for keeping a pork chop moist—no matter how you grill or smoke it.

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