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Eat Healthy With My Newest Book

Lots of you have posted BBQ New Year’s resolutions on the BBQ Board. Lots more of us are probably thinking we’d like to get healthier and shed a few pounds for the New Year. So allow me to introduce my newest book–The Big Flavor Cookbook–which represents a brief departure from barbecue, but still has plenty of flavor-packed recipes.

Actually, I started writing the book before I got into barbecue. It was a response to a cholesterol problem I developed when I was a restaurant critic in Boston. (That was back before the days of Lipitor!) The premise of the book is to use spices, herbs, hot sauces, condiments and other intense seasonings–instead of fat–to make food taste exciting and delicious. The result was my High-Flavor, Low-Fat cookbook series–the inspiration for the recipes here. Well, now I’m a barbecue and grilling fanatic, of course, but I still favor a high-flavor, low-fat diet, and the 400 recipes–drawn from the all over the planet–are representative of what I eat when I’m not cooking ‘que.

How do you balance your love of BBQ with your desire to eat healthy? Let us know on the BBQ Board. Happy New Year, and as always, happy grilling!

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