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10 Recipes for National S’mores Day

In honor of National S’mores Day, we’ve re-imagined the s’more. Upgrading ingredients, like subbing super-premium chocolate for ho-hum brands. Using homemade marshmallows. Even allowing s’mores to jump line by crafting savory versions as appetizers.

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Big Green Egg Sweepstakes

This summer, we’re giving away a big prize to one lucky winner—a Big Green Egg, one of the most versatile and popular grill/smokers out there. Enter for a chance to win!

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Project Smoke Coming to Public Television

Excited? That doesn’t begin to express the emotion. After years of planning and months of shooting and editing, my new TV show, Project Smoke, launches on Saturday, June 27 (and in some cities July 4th weekend or later this summer).

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Your Guide to Heritage Meats

Where your food comes from and how it’s raised matters as much as how you smoke it. If you want to serve the best, learn more about heritage meats. They taste better and they’re better for your health, community, and the planet.

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The Smokers of Project Smoke

Grills and smokers inspire the same sort of lust in this community that scantily clad bodies do elsewhere. Many of you have been asking for a complete list of the grills and smokers used on the new Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke TV series on PBS. These babes are, well, hot.

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Recipes and Crowd Favorites

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