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Our Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Bring the awesomeness of smoke and fire to the Thanksgiving table while simultaneously freeing up valuable real estate in your oven on this, the busiest cooking day of the year. Rest assured: the celebrants of the first Thanksgiving used live fire.

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Pumpkin Pie Hits the Grill

Last year at Barbecue University I had the opportunity to make a convert. She came to BBQ U with little experience grilling. Well, to judge from this innovative dessert—grilled pumpkin pie with a smoked gingersnap crust—she caught the holy fire.

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Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s no secret that turkeys destined for the Raichlen table never see the inside of an oven. No, our turkeys cook in one of my many grills or smokers. My staff and I field many questions from people determined to cook at least part of the meal outdoors this Thanksgiving.

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Grill Your Thanksgiving Sweepstakes

Enter here for a chance to win this sleek Memphis Wood Fire Grill. Yes, it’s the same Memphis grill we used on Project Smoke—the one that lets you grill directly over a pellet fire.

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Project Smoke on Public Television

Excited? That doesn’t begin to express the emotion. After years of planning and months of shooting and editing, my new TV show, Project Smoke, launched over the summer and continues to air on public television.

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Recipes and Crowd Favorites

From the BBQ Blog

Grilled or Smoked: Our Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

In most households, turkey is the rock star of Thanksgiving dinner. Smoke-roasted whole and brought to the table with fanfare, it is the enduring symbol of this uniquely American holiday. But have you noticed, once plates are piled high, our forks tend to go to one of the side dishes? We can’t get enough of...

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Applying Lessons Learned at BBQ U: Pumpkin Pie Hits the Grill

12 Dos and Don’ts to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Autumn in New England on the Grill

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