Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

Breville Smart Grill™ Sweepstakes

Bad weather, fire restrictions, or condo confines got you down? Enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win one of the best indoor grills ever.

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What Is It? Marinade Turbocharger

Genghis Khan’s warriors rode with raw meat under their saddles to tenderize their steaks. You have a better option.

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Smoke-Roasted Chicken

It’s easy to roast a chicken—especially if you do it on the grill. How easy? Put it this way: smoke-roasted chicken is a dish my wife and I make once a week on average.

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Spring Cleaning

On March 20, spring does officially return, and with it the promise of grilling in your shirtsleeves, not in a parka. Which brings us to spring cleaning your grill—a good practice even if you’ve been grilling all winter.

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What Is It? Grid Lifter

You know the scenario. Your grill is burning along, but at some point you’ll need to lift the grate to add fresh charcoal or soaked wood chips for smoking.

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