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Do you have burning questions that need to be answered? A live-fire dilemma that needs to be solved? There are no secrets between grill masters. So I give you “Ask Steven,” a new forum, where you can ask me anything about food and flame. Post your questions here, and I’ll respond as quickly as I can, though at times, because I’m traveling around Planet Barbecue (and you can ask me about these adventures too), it might take me a couple of days to reply.
Post Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:39 pm
n6xrf raw

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Location: Thousand Oaks (Ventura County), CA

I current own a Stainless Gas Grill, A Weber kettle 18" and 22" and a Weber Smokey Mountain 18" (Cooks great brisket using your coffee rub etc). Considering purchasing another smoker do you have any suggestions. I was considering a Barrel but thought it might be to much like the Smokey Mountain.

I have always enjoyed all your shows, and when you taught at the Let get cookin school in Westlake village CA. This school has closed, so I am hoping you will be teaching in another location in the Los Angeles Area

You might remember me, I would have you autograph several books to give away as gifts


Post Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:42 am
Steven Grilling Guru
Grilling Guru

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Hi, Mike,

I remember you for sure. (Sorry to hear about the school.)

If you have a Smoky Mountain already, you'd probably want something completely different.

Offset barrel would be good. How about a ceramic cooker or an electric smoker?



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