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Searching for the right fire for my grill

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I've been having a lot of trouble recently finding a good charcoal for my grill. I grill a lot, like every meal almost, and refuse to use anything other than charcoal. I want a high-quality product, but I also don't want to have to constantly be purchasing new charcoal. Anybody got an idea of a charcoal that might suit my needs? Thanks!

YardBurner BBQ Deputy
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What have you been using?
Which brands have you been happy with?
Which not so much?
What do you prefer, lump or briquette?
Where do you live?
What types of grills are you trying to fuel?

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All good questions! And to which I'll add:

Do you grill direct, indirect, or both?
Are you looking for high heat for short cooks or lower heats for longer cooks?

Personally I like to use Stubb's briquettes for most everything and either Maple Grove or Royal Oak for lump.

And welcome!

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