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Post Wed Jul 02, 2014 1:36 pm

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OK, posting back regarding the Char Griller Akorn.
Char-Griller responded to me about a week after my request, and made good. Sent me replacement parts, so I'm satisfied. But it still brings up the question about "fire in the hole" and whether misc grease fires below the coals, in the ash pan, should be burning the paint off the outside of the ash pan. Obviously it's not great to have those fires, but if there's a lot of food on the grate and coals below, it's difficult to see what is really happening down in the ash pan.

For my current question: Another poster asked about stones for indirect cooking. I am also wondering about the indirect heat stone that Char Griller sells. Lowes does not stock it in their stores so it's an on-line item. Is this really the thing to do when, for instance, Steven says "Set up for indirect heat"?

Char Griller has the pizza stone, which I believe is thinner, and the smoking stone, which is thicker and the preferred item for indirect cooking. (You can supposedly do pizza on the smoking stone anyway.) Both have three "ears" or "tabs" that rest in the three "slots" on the inside of the kettle. There are a few reviews on amazon about these stones breaking very easily. Does anyone have any experience to share regarding all of this?
Also, when slow-cooking, what is the arrangement of the smoking stone and a drip pan? Do you just lay a drip pan, with an inch of water, right on top of the smoking stone?


Post Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:48 pm
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When it comes to Boston Butt

Or chicken wings

Christmas ham (country cured)


Or Thanksgiving. turkey, you just can't beat the egg.

But for Fajitas and veggies the old gasser is best.

And for hamburgers you just can't beat the little old hibachi.

Each has its strengths.

I gave up grilling on the egg some time ago. It will grill but when it get up to grilling temps it gets a little scary with the buildup of flammable gas inside that will take the hair off you arm if you are not careful when you open the dome.
Th egg is so stable and predictable when it burns it almost all the suspense out of a long slow cook, and it really can handle a summer downpour and not cool off.

I love it and have cooked things like pizza, bread or baked beans that I would never have tried on anything else.

I wish I could afford one of those jumbo eggs....well maybe one day. :D
Gustatus Similis Pullus

Large Big Green Egg
Lodge Hibachi
Charbroil Gas Grill

Post Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:28 pm
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Those are some nice cooks, Chris!

I don't have one yet but someday I'll probably break down and get one of those Lodge hibachis. Sure, they weigh a ton and don't have a whole lot of grilling area but they just look neat. :wink:


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