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Speedy spiedie chops

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Post Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:44 pm
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Every so often I look through my lesser-known books when I'm hunting for a recipe, and this one sounded pretty good for pork chops. In fact, I think I might've used it before but can't remember for sure.
Image Image

Some boneless "America's chops" were just the ticket.

The marinade is pretty quick and whips up in no time. 2 of the ingredients are oil and vinegar so I colored outside the lines and added some Dijon mustard to turn it into a vinaigrette, and mustard makes everything better anyway. :wink:

Here's where I deviated a bit. Those of you who're familiar with spiedies know they're actually small cubes of meat so I was supposed to cut up the chops, but I figured I'd get just as much flavor if I left them whole and they'd be easier to deal with.

Here's where they speedy part comes in - over a hot charcoal fire they cooked fast, and smelled really good doing so!

Since it was a weeknight meal it was a good chance to finish off a bag of shoestring fries. We both agreed that the marinade added a lot of flavor and by keeping a close eye on the meat temperature I made sure to get the chops off the fire before they got too done.

Post Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:09 am
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That's something else you and I both have in common, Brad. We like pork chops as much as Homer Simpson - and now everyone knows why. :D
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