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Add Handles to Your Grill with a Few Nuts and Bolts

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smokeybeaver well done
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From Lifehacker:

My Weber already has handles. Maybe this is an issue for other grills.

Otherwise, nice idea. Yes, it can cut down on your grilling surface area slightly, but I think it is an ok price to pay.

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I've considered doing that to the charcoal grate in my WSM
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Very easy fix, that's pretty cool.
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I noticed that the comments included a discussion of stainless vs. non-stainless steel. I think I'd opt for stainless because of the heat factor even if it's not coming into contact with the food.

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Nice article, smokeybeaver!

I'd also go with stainless steel over galvanized because the latter gives off nasty fumes when heated.

As for their discussion on "cold-welding" steel, they seem to be making a bigger issue about it than is necessary. Such a thing doesn't happen often and it would be more likely with galvanized steel because of its coating - but you don't want to use that anyway. Looked like the commenters got sidetracked.

Besides - if they ever get stuck and you need to remove the handles, there are a vast number of power tools that will make this possible so there's no need to sweat. My favorite tool here would be my small impact wrench set on low. :twisted:

Here's a link to the original Instructables article:

Incidentally, tutorials like these are the main reason I love the Instructables site. Less discussion (and fewer distractions from responders getting sidetracked), and much more how-to.
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