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Where in the world is Steven Raichlen

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Post Sat May 03, 2014 5:03 am
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Hi, everyone,

Sorry for silence, but I've been traveling hard and far to research the next book on the best smoked foods in the world.

So here are some highlights so far:

Scotland: Islay Island, where they make the smokiest scotch whiskey. I actually got to dig peat--the fuel used to roast and smoke the barley. And pick my own batch of Laphroaig from the 10,000 or so whiskey casks in the cellar.

Sweden: smoked chestnut soup at the amazing Frantzen restaurant in Stockholm.

Denmark: smoked herring, salmon, shrimp, and other seafood at several of the 300! smokehouses on Bornholm Island--the ground zero of Danish smoking.

Denmark: Also smoked pickled quail eggs at the amazing Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

Italy: Visit of a speck (smoked ham) factory in Balzano in the Italian Alps. Smoked risotto in Florence. And yesterday we returned to the amazing Delfina restaurant outside Florence for an equally amazing bistecca alla fiorentina (Florentine steak).

Tomorrow on our way to Positano and the south of Italy for scamorza (smoked mozzarella). Stay tuned!

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Wow - you get around more than Carmen Sandiego! We need some pics! :twisted:

I lived in Scotland for two years. Digging peat was backbreaking but once it dried out in a few weeks (on the Outer Hebrides it's always windy), you couldn't beat it for heating.

The smell was unique as well. I've smoked mutton and lamb over peat a few times, and it's great but a little goes a long way.
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Steven, with all this traveling maybe you can figure out how to get the airlines to serve some decent barbecue on flights! :lol:

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I bet that Florentine steak was awesome..

Steven, I could have come with and carried the camera bag for you, if you only would have told me. :lol:
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Sounds like a lot of fun and some really delicious eating. Bistecca is awesome! Love your recipe.

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