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Best BBQ I ever had

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Post Mon Sep 01, 2003 11:55 pm
starpacker medium-rare

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I had the opportunity, back in 1966, to attend a real Texas BBQ event, and teh memory lasts to this day.

They dug a big pit several days before the event and started a huge mesquite fire in, so that by the time of the event, the pit was full of hot coals and embers.. They had a whole steer on a big spit over the pit, and the sauce (mostly ketchup and A-1 sauce) was mixed up in a No. 3 washtub, and slathered on with a new mop. That steer cookedc all day, while all the other things were going on, and when they sliced it and served it,, it was the food of the gods. I know there was other food, but the beef was the piece de resistance, and washed down with ice cold beer. Them Texans know how to throw a wing-ding.


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