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information required about the bbq world championships 2004

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hi steven,

greetings from blistering barbecues in london england.

we are a dynamic catering company who have been in business for 6 years and have become the number one caterer in the uk for al freso food. all our food is cooked off our amasing charcoal bbq's and huge portugese wood fired ovens.

check out our web site which will give you a better idea of what we are all about.

we are coming over to memphis next year to compete in the world championships and would really appreciate a bit of an insite into how the competition works with regards to the cooking etc.

we are currently working on our own recepe book which is released next may along with a bbq which we have spent the last three years designing. hopefully you would put it through its paces if we came over. we are also selling the beehive wood fired oven which is an amazing bit of kit!

anyway, thats enough ranting from me! its great to have touched base with you and hoefully we can build up a good relationship?

we are also setting up bbq masterclasses next year in london so maybe you may bein to doing some of your masterclasses?

i look forward to hearing from you and keep up the good work.


tim reeves

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