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Injection help???

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Post Sun Nov 16, 2003 11:46 pm
hickory pete well done
well done

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lostsoul wrote:

Just started reading all the posts here, seems like there are quite a few aficionados here. :P

Just bought hubby a turkey fryer and also a side firebox for his CharGriller smoker. Since this is all new territory for both of us "we" have been experimenting with both the smoker and turkey fryer. I have discovered that brining either poulty or pork is most excellent; the meat is so tender, moist and juicy.

I have also tried the injection method for the meat on both the smoker and the turkey fryer but have not been satisfied with the results, so far at least.

I tried using the Cajun injection sample that came with the turkey fryer but was not really satisfied with the flavor; I then tried the bottled marinade (teriyaki, caribbean jerk, lemon/pepper, etc) found at the local grocery store but the flavor seemed very strong in addition to being extremely thick consistency when you actually cut into the portion of meat that had been injected. Have tried it in not only turkey but also chicken and Cornish game hens.

Would anyone be able to suggest perhaps a recipe they have or possibly a link or two on the internet for some other injection liquids I might try? Any information you would be kind enough to post would be greatly appeciated.

Since hubby is the self proclaimed "Grill Surgeon" and no one can dethrone him (he thinks).
I would like to endevour to be the mistress of the smoker and turkey fryer and perhaps show him up just a "wee" bit. :lol:

I did a Google search, typing in "Deep Fried Turkey", there is a lot of information for a turkey fryer, recipes, etc. Thought you might want to give it a try, if you are still looking for more information. Actually, there is so much information, that it would take forever to look at all of it.


Post Mon Nov 17, 2003 1:11 pm
TOMP rare

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I did a 13# bird yesterday! Used recipe from BBQ USA for the brine. The one w/ maple syrup. I injected it w/ a garlic butter sauce cut w/ turkey stock. I then cooked it for 3-1/2 hrs. Came out perfect other then it being a little too smokey! I used hickory, adding more every hour.

I picked up the injector at a local Meijer , all stainless steel. It seemed a little to difficult to push in and out though. My wife made the red eye gravey also using maple syrup. It was delicous!

I will definetly do it again but w/o so much hickory.

Post Mon Nov 17, 2003 7:12 pm
lostsoul rare

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Hickory Pete--

Your right. I have found more ideas and recipes than I will ever possibly be able to try. I have found that I prefer brining to injecting (personal preference) but I have found a few acceptable injections that are not too hot or not too thick and congealing once the bird is done. THANKS!!!


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