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Happy belated Thanksgiving

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Post Thu Dec 04, 2003 3:29 pm
Steven Raichlen

Greetings, friends! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. To gather from your emails, a lot of you made beer can turkey this holiday. (A favorite of my buddy, Howard Stern.) Others of you attempted the brined, smoked turkey I prepared with Al Roker on the Today Show. Tlak about easy. It's impossible to make a dry bird using that method.

Our efforts were on a smaller scale this year. Mrs. Raichlen and I cooked a turkey "roast" (boned, rolled turkey breast) on the rotisserie, having first larded it with truffled cheese. Truffles are those odiferous fungi from Italy and the results were amazing! Turkey roast is great for serving a smaller number of people.

I'd love to hear about some of your turkey adventures. And of course, if you had any problems, please write and maybe we can help you.

Until then, happy holiday and happy grilling!


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