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Book discrepancies and weber thermometers

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I think Steven's the only one who could answer this, but here goes...

I noticed that the hand-test for "medium" temperatures is different in BBQ USA from the "count" listed in How to Grill...(5-6 for USA, 6-8 for HTG I think) Just curious what prompted the change...which is correct? Steven, have you changed your recommendations?

Also, I have a Weber Performer with the built-in thermometer. I've noticed that if I preheat to Medium (350 degrees) put a chicken on (or something else) and close the lid, the temps shoot up to 425-450 or so. If I regulate it with the vents keeping the temp closer to 350, the bird doesn't cook through, whereas if I let it ride in the mid 400's and just let it cool off, it's near 325-350 at the END of the cooking time and is cooked just about right.

Has anyone else done much experimenting with the built-in thermometers on the Weber Kettles? Accurate? Inaccurate? what do you say?
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Post Sun Dec 07, 2003 11:29 am
hickory pete well done
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There are differences in the "Mississippi" test. However I think that these are just meant to be approximations, and not precise. All grills heat and cook differently. That's what makes grilling so much fun...the fact that it requires close attention.


Post Mon Dec 08, 2003 1:43 pm
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My Weber didn't come with a thermometer so I drilled a hole and put one in myself. I believe that I put it a bit high because as I got the tempt to 350-400 for chicken, it seemed to take forever and I didn't get the crispy skin I like. I found that because of the thermometer placement (near the top of the grill) I was registering temps as high as 75 degrees hotter than the temp where the food was located. I have found that with a remote thermometer unit with the probe placed directly on the grill leading to the unit on the table next to my grill will give the most accurate temp readings. I may replace the lid soon and install another thermometer as close to the grill as possible.

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