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Post Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:55 pm
Shawn rare

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Location: Wisconsin

I don't remember what episode or ever what show Steven did this on but I had to try!

I had the challenge of cleanly hacking open a pineapple, gutting it and teach myself how to make meringue.

I did all the work from memory as I only had a mental image of the show to work from.

The only two small things that happened were that the bowl for the beater thingy over heated and stopped turning during the whipping process so the meringue was not as stiff as I wanted it to be.

I did not have a piping bag so I used a zipper locking plastic bag and was going to cut the corner to pipe on the meringue, needless to say the bag popped and meringue went squirting, hence the reason it looks like a brain in the picture.

Steven is so excellent at his explainations I was able to do this two weeks after watching the episode and get it pretty close to what it actually was (I forgot about the alcohol).

Thanks a million Steven!


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