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Share your war stories, your successes, and how Steven's books have changed your cooking from charburgers to grilling magic.
Post Sun Aug 24, 2003 5:38 am

Hi All! Came upon Steven's show while channel surfing. First thing that caught my attention was seeing some techniques and tricks I had been using for years. Didn't take more than a few minutes though before I started seeing things completely new to me-- and inspiring! With a birhday and vacation in a weekend home (my main bbq station) upcoming, I dropped a not-too-subtle hint that I needed a copy of How To Grill.

Spent the first week of vacation grilling recipes from the book each night (and some days). I gotta say that I think every single one was a winner!

I tried and loved the following: whole cabbage, mexican mixed grill, tuna, skewered tofu, tomatoes, corn, lobsters (split), asparagus rafts, onions, fajitas, garlic bread, and probably a few more that I'm now forgetting. The cabbage was probably the most impressive, and have made it several times since.

One of our fave things to 'cue is clams. I just put them in a tinfoil pan (easier to catch the juices) over a very hot charcoal fire in my Weber with the lid on. After about 10 minutes I add wood chips so the smoke is at its most dense as the clams begin to open.

Although we usually eat these as an app., this time I chopped up the clams (reserving a few each as garnish) and mixed them with grilled tomatoes, reserved clam juice and chopped italian parsley. Served it over linguini with grilled garlic bread, IT COMPLETELY ROCKED.

Hope this first post wasn't too long-winded. Happy grilling!

Post Mon Apr 19, 2004 9:39 pm
Airfoils well done
well done

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Sounds like it did! Now I have to get some clams! :D

Post Tue Apr 20, 2004 9:50 am
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well done
well done

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sams&clams glad you found us! HTG is an inspiring cooking manual. Let me welcome you to the board and encourage you to register and join in!

BTW the clams sound delicious :D

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