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Welcome and How to Get Started Here!

From board specific to BBQ specific and back again, all the information you'll need to enjoy your stay here or in your backyard.
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Welcome to Image
Though we're not very strict here, we do have some rules that we ask you to follow.
  • Please be courteous when asking or answering a question.
  • No posting copyrighted material. Other folks work hard on their recipes/websites, too. Feel free to post a link to the material if it's appropriate for the discussion. Copyrighted material will be removed promptly.
  • No advertisements. Feel free to shout out about your favorite things, but please, no ads (thinly veiled or otherwise!). We'll have to remove these.
  • Just like BBQ, politics and religion have many viewpoints. Please use other Internet resources for discussions of these subjects.
  • If you need help, contact me or one of the moderators. I'm on the board, and available at

FAQ and How-To Library
We’ve designated this spot around the Barbecue Bible virtual fire pit for the information you’ll need to enjoy your stay here and in your backyard. Herein you’ll find a series of topics ranging from how to register and log in to where to put your ashes following a session with your pit.

New visitors should review the following topics relating to our forum software. Forum FAQ
Some of the topics included in this FAQ are:
Login and Registration Issues
User Preferences and settings
Posting Issues
Formatting and Topic Types

Check here for additional information on BBcode to format your posts. This link is also available from the post message page.

After you review a topic, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to post them in our General Discussion forum.

Thank you for your visits and participation in our forums.

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