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Cooking Two Chickens Together

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Post Wed Jul 02, 2003 11:52 pm

I'm planning to cook two chickens at one time this weekend. I have a 26" Weber Kettle so I believe I have the room, but my concern is the length of time to cook the chickens. I normally cook one chicken 1 1/2 hours. Any ideas on how long to cook two together would be appreciated.

Post Thu Jul 03, 2003 9:08 am
Luke medium-rare

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As long as you place them the same distance from teh fire and don't start them refidgerator cold it shouldn't take much longer than normal. It is chicken though, I would use a probe thermometer.

Post Fri Jul 04, 2003 1:19 pm
PaulP well done
well done

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I can't tell you how many times I've seen this question here or on other boards. The only time the number of items cooked affects cooking time is if you're cooking in a microwave. A physicist could explain why, but it has to do with the physics of microwaves. The only exception is if you stuff so much food in that you restrict air circulation in the grill. Think about this...if you were cooking two chickens in the oven, would you expwct them to take longer to cook than one would?

Assuming approximately equal-sized chickens, two will take the same time as one.

Post Thu Jul 24, 2003 5:47 pm

Get yourself a rotisserie attahment,( about $100.00) you will never make chicken any other way again. I put 2 chickens with the skewer through the side of the chicken, they don't move around as much that way. Sprinkle on your favorite rub (I use Mc Cormick rotisserie chicken seasoning, sorry for being lazy ,but it's great,). Indirect heat (2 full baskets of charcoal) about 2 hours, time is not critical as the fire will start to die out and it's hard to overcook. just start it and leave it alone. If you check it and add more charcoal the fire will get too hot and you have to watch it or it will dry out. Crispy skin, tender & moist inside and sooo easy.

Post Thu Aug 07, 2003 2:28 pm

I just cooked two beer can chickens on my Weber Kettle Grill Saturday night. Had plenty of room and as said above, didn't take any longer than when I do one. They turned out great and my guests loved it.

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