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Question about indirect grilling on a three burner gas grill

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Hi, is it always true that to do indirect grilling on a three burner gas grill that you have the two outer and middle off and then put the two outers on low (for about 250 - 350)?

Would I ever want to put the one all the way on the left on and the right two off and the food (chicken in this case) all the way on the right?

Thank you.

Post Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:13 pm
smokenbrew medium-well

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When I grill chicken indirect in my charcoal grill I put the chicken in the middle with charcoal on the left and right. I would think that the same should work in a gas grill. Try to maintain 300 degrees and the chicken should be done in about two hours. If you put the chicken on the left and only use the right burner it's going to take much longer. You'll also end up having to turn the chicken to get both sides done.

Post Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:19 pm
Trollby well done
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Grills can be diffrent in the way the burners are layed out.

My buddies Weber has Front - Middle - Back, Mine is right to left and another friend has right and left with third burnr in back higher up for a "infer-red" plate style. I think that is more rotisserie style use though

Whe he cooks indirect he likes to heat in back only on medium heat or so (depending on outside to get temp desired) and places the meat in the middle and front to adjust heat for stuff to cook and done around same time.

I have done both outside two (meat in middle) and only heat one side for low and slow.

It really depends on what your cooking and the style cooking you want.

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