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Labor Day cooking?

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Post Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:44 pm

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Bob-BQN wrote:
Hope all goes well with your brisket tomorrow Vince! If you're watching the internal temperatures, don't let the plateau drive you nuts! :lol:

I just smoked 4 briskets overnight. It took 14 hours and am a little tired today.

Gook luck! :D

I went 3 hours smoke, 4 hours wrapped in aluminum and about 1 hour resting. No problems with the temperatures. The brisket turned out a little overdone and slightly dry but was very tender and tasty. Next time, I will cut down the cook time to 3 hours in the wrapper and see how it works out.

What's your cooking method? I've smoked plenty of large pork shoulders, but this was my first brisket and being a flat, tough piece of meat, it's difficult to figure out!

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Post Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:25 pm
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The smoker usually runs around 225° - 250°. Sometimes I smoke them unwrapped the entire time and sometimes I use foil. If they get wrapped, I wait until they've reached about 160° - 170° degrees or so (whenever I happen to catch them). I used to wait until they reached a higher temperature, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Then I let them cook to about 195° internal temperature. Main thing is that the probe should slide in and out of the brisket with little to no resistance, then you know it's tender. This last time I had three that were very tender and one that was just "tender". :lol: 14 hours was one of my shorter cooks, they usually cook from 12 to 22 hours (not including rest period) depending on size and marbling, etc.

7 hours seems short to me unless you're cooking using the "hot" method (temps around 300°). If you're cooking low-n-slow then you may need to go a little longer. Once the collagen and fat breaks down the meat gets moist. Dry meat could mean that it hasn't cooked long enough for that to have happened. Have you been tracking temperatures? Or what indication did you use to determine when it was done? Congrats on getting that first one under your belt! 8) They just keep gettin' better. :D

Post Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:02 am
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Think I already mentioned my Labor Day weekend cooks -
Saturday - Whole beef tenderloin + corn on the cobb
Sunday - Ribs with my can never duplicate barbecue sauce + corn on the cobb
Monday - Chicken wings + I cured and cold smoked two rainbow trout, a golden trout, and a porgy
Wife had made a big batch of her potato salad for Saturday so we had some leftovers for Sunday and Monday plus she also made a nice green salad for Sunday and home made fruit tarts for dessert on Saturday and home made brownies for Sunday.
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