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Cookshack smoker

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Post Mon Mar 15, 2004 10:39 am

Anyone have any experience Q'n with the residential line of Cookshack Smokers. They do not seem to have any cons (thermostatic control / fully insulated / consistent temperature) compared to the Weber Smokey Mountain. Considering buying one of the other. Thanks.

Post Thu Mar 18, 2004 7:55 pm
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well done
well done

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Anthony sorry for the delay, I was hoping someone would have some good information for you.

In the past we've had two members of the board mention Cookshack smokers. Coincidentally they were both from Illinois.

I took a look at the manufactures website and agree they are nice. One con I noticed is that they are at least three times the price of the WSM for the inexpensive model. I do like the stainless steel construction and the insulated walls. I haven't done any cooking with an electric smoker.

If cost is not an issue and you want the convenience of electricity, then the Cookshack may your smoker of choice. If you enjoy cooking over a live fire and making the fine tuning adjustments yourself, you may want to lean towards the WSM (I believe you can get an electric element for the WSM too). If money is not an issue, there is a lot to choose from in the same price range as the Cookshack which can really complicate the discussion making process. :wink:

Hope you get your smoker soon and come back to join us.

Post Fri Mar 19, 2004 2:13 am
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I have a Cookshack Smokette series (Residential Series) and love it. :mrgreen: Low and slow is the way to use a smoker and this thing works great.
Although a bit pricey, the cost savings of fuel compared to charcoal or lp will make up for it through the years.
I had an old brinkman and although it produced some good food, you really had to work constantly to maintain temperature feeding it all day.
I did pork butts last weekend and chicken tonight. Easiest and most consistant smoking I have done in the last 20 years. I just ordered a nice brisket for next weekend.
They also have a great website with tons of information and a great message board.
Hope this helps..............................

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