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How to stop flare-up's on my Charbroil Big Easy

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SandyWood raw

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I just picked up a Charbroil Big Easy Gas Grill and I really love having a gas grill after using charcoal all these years. It's got 3 burners and they have these metal covers that sit over each burner that are supposed to prevent flareups or burning the meat. However, whenever I cook anything directly over any of these burners, the fat drips on the covers and still flares up! I can cook anything indirectly without problem but I wonder if anyone has any tips on cooking directly over these things!

Post Mon Jul 28, 2003 3:23 pm

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I have one and don't have a huge problem unless I cook too hot or don't clean the body well.

I had a problem with it, though, because I normally clean the grill, but the body I let go for a while. I went to heat it up and there was (I guess) too much fat in the body. I turned it on high and closed the lid, and when I came out, my grill was warping! (Yes, the cast iron body!)
-D. Israel

Post Wed Jul 30, 2003 9:31 am
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I have a big easy too and I love it. I have the same problem with the body. The thing doesn't drain well at all. Let the body go for too long and you'll end up with a fire down below. Freaked me out the first time it happened, I was afraid the line to the tank was going to catch.
The burner covers are great for spreading the heat and keeping the burners clean. Regardless of covers or not, though, cooking over fire is going to produce flare ups. You do get some with the covers, but less than you would with an open flame. Best you can do is make sure they're totally junk free and clean before you start grilling.

Post Tue Aug 05, 2003 9:14 pm

Forget the covers. Yes, I took mine off, and placed 2 foil disposable cookie sheets on top of the burners, then I placed some lava rocks on top of them. Now, I have a flare free and mess free grill. When the cookie sheets get dirty, I just replace them and I will have a clean grill all the time. The grill will cook a little slower using this method, but you’ll never have burned or over cooked food. Note I did place an old fashion rack underneath the foil sheets for extra support. You can find these racks in any Hardware store, they're made by the same company and they run about $12.00.

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