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Posting Photos and License Plates

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Photo’s and License Plates

Adding photographs to your posts adds another dimension to discussions. Questions are easier to answer when we can see the problem. Step by step photo’s during a cook are invaluable to those new to outdoor cooking. And, a photo is indeed worth a 1000 words when showing the results of your efforts.

Use the following steps to add photographs to your posts.

(1) Store your images on your hard disk using the methods appropriate for your camera.

(2) Resize your image for display in forums. Generally images as they come from your digital camera are much too large to properly display. If you already have photograph editing software, reduce the size to 640x480 pixels or smaller. High resolution isn’t needed. Images at 72 dpi are ideal for use on the Internet. If you don’t have editing software, download this free software program.

(3) Upload your photograph to your choice of hosts. For example, ImageShack is a free hosting site. Registration is optional. However, if you register, you’ll have access to all of your previously uploaded photographs. [SEE TUTORIAL BELOW]

(4) Image Shack offers the option of using Thumbnails or full size versions of your photo’s in the forums. Thumbnails are small versions that display quickly in a post. Readers can click on the thumb nail to see a larger version. If you have several photo’s to display in a post, using thumbnails is the best choice. This gives your readers the opportunity to select which images they want to further examine. And, your post doesn’t slow down the forum’s response time, as it would with several large photo’s in your post.



(5) In order to post your photo, you’ll need the address of the image at your host. Use your browser’s copy/paste function to copy the address to your clipboard.

Image Shack Images:
For full size display copy the embeddable code for “Forums”
For thumbnails copy the Thumbnail code for “Forums” 1. (Thumbnails load faster on the forum and are preferred.)

(5) Paste the address into the body of the post that you’re creating. When using Image Shack code, nothing else needs to be done. If the address of a photo doesn’t have IMG tags, add them after you paste the address into your message. Highlight the address, then, click on [IMG] in the list of options for formatting your post.

For example to display:
Highlight the link, then click on Img just above the message body block.
That will change your link to this.


License Plates
Read the above instructions for photographs.
(1) Create your plate at ACME License Plate Maker.

(2) Resize your plate (see instructions above), then upload to your host.

(3) Log in to our web site. Go to your PROFILE.

(4) In the signature field, paste the address of your plate. Click on Submit to complete.

Keep the file name of your plate very small. There’s a limit to the number of characters than can be used in the Signature portion of your profile. Keeping the file name short will allow you more characters to give other information in your signature.

Each time you edit your profile, the changes take affect immediately on all of your prior posts. It isn’t necessary to post to see the change. Simply check the last post you made to see the effects of your changes.

Other photographs may be included in your signature. When used in this manner, keep them small. Large images are disruptive to the flow of the messages. And, they slow down access to the form for people using dial-up access.

Additional photo tips:

To see the coding how-to in another post, open the reply box by clicking on the Quote option for their post. The quote will contain the coding needed for the image they displayed in their post.

If you still have questions or problems posting photo’s and license tags, please feel free to post your question in our General Discussion Forum.


ImageShack Tutorial

First go to . No need to login or give any personal information unless you choose to. Membership has additional features, if you are not a member or do not login then you’ll need to copy & paste each pictures link one by one as you post them. This is important because if you are not logged in you can never go back and retrieve the link. I paste them into a MS Word document or Notepad and save the document on my computer for future reference.

Each picture has RED rectangles indicating the action on that screenshot.

Step 1. Click the BROWSE button.

Step 2. locate the picture on your computer and select it, then click the OPEN button.

Step 3. click the HOST IT button.

Step 4. Click inside the box containing the link “thumbnails for forums (1)” to select it, the link will turn blue.

Step 5. Right-click in the blue area of the highlighted link and select COPY from the drop-down menu.

Step 6. Right-click in the Word document or Notepad and select PASTE from the drop-down menu.

You should get a link similar to this:


Repeat steps 1 thru 6 for each additional picture. Now you’re ready to copy & paste these links into your message on the forum! Hope this helps.

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