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cornish hen ideas

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Post Thu Apr 22, 2004 10:11 pm
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smokey-bones wrote:

this weekend i was also going to made cornish hens with my beer can chicken- but!
what kind of wood is best for indirect grilling-a light wwod or a heavy smoke wood!
does anyone have a sweet flavored rub for this! yes a have kids!
they don't like spicey foods.
do you also put the hens directly on the grate,or in a foil pan :?:
do you have to baste alot :?: don't know the fat content of the hens
i see in the htg book it say's about 40 min.but the times in the book i have never acheived yet-that must be under perfect conditions! or a better grill then i have :?:

Directly on the grate with a drip pan underneath indirect grilling with piles of coals on either side of the pan. Wood is totally up to you, especially with poultry. Whatever you would like to try. If you've used say hickory in the past, try apple or oak this time. Steves basic bbq rub should be good enough for kids, maybe add some more sugar if you like and make sure its dark brown sugar for its potency. Baste 2 or three times if you like, just do your business and get the lid back on.

Post Fri Apr 23, 2004 9:40 am
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smokey-bones poultry will absorb smoke flavor quite easily. That is why most recommend a lighter flavored wood such as fruit. I prefer apple or pecan when smoking chicken. If I'm doing chicken for younger children I'll season it lightly, as you said, the kids usually don't like spicy food. Then when it's nearly done brush it with some honey. Just before removing it from the heat apply a thin coating of BBQ sauce. You don't want the honey or sauce to burn because the youngens won't eat anything that looks burnt. Hope all goes well!

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