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Best of Barbecue Stone Grill Press

Pollo al mattone also known as chicken under a brick, is a classic of Italian grilling. Our stone grill press allows you to prepare it with authenticity and style. Made of earthenware stone and a cool wooden handle, our press provides the weight you need for succulent and crusty chicken and game hens every time. Press measures 9 x 9 in.

How to Use

Adding weight to foods on the grill helps them to cook faster, while the weight of the press pushes food into the grate, resulting in succulent interiors and crusty exteriors.

Allow stone to cool before cleaning. To remove burned bits of food, scrub stone with a stone scrubber or a clean grill brush under warm running water. Do not soak stone in water as stone is porous and may weaken. Do not use detergent, soap or other cleaning fluids to clean stone. Allow stone to air dry. Stone will discolor naturally with normal use and will not affect performance.

CAUTION: Press and handle get hot!! Use oven mitt or glove when handling. Do not expose wood handle to direct flame.

More Details

*Great for pollo al mattone
*Made of earthenware stone
*Cool wooden handle

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