Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible


Heaven’s Cassava Chimichurri Filet Mignons

These mega-garlicky grilled filet mignons have been on the menu at Heaven Restaurant in Kigali since the restaurant opened. To be strictly authentic, you’ll need to know about one exotic […]

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Moroccan Grilled Pepper Salad

Forget about the twelfth century Koutoubia Mosque or the Jemaa el Fna (the medieval city square). The real marvel of Marrakech is its salad. Or more precisely the array of […]

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Piri-Piri Chicken Wings in the Style of Nando’s

I don’t normally eat at fast food joints—especially not at airports. However, I make an exception whenever I’m in Johannesburg or Cape Town: Nando’s. Over three decades, Nando’s founders, Fernando […]

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“Mechoui” of Lamb Ribs

Méchoui is the North African version, in spirit at least, of a Carolina pig pickin’—a community feast centered around a whole lamb seasoned with a paste of pungent spices, then […]

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Harissa (North African Hot Sauce)

Harissa is to North Africa what Tabasco sauce is to Louisiana—a fiery red elixir as essential to human happiness as barbecue itself. Harissa is popular from Tunis to Marrakech, and […]

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