Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible


Tangerine Smoked Flans

Remember flan, aka crème caramel—that custard comfort dessert claimed with equal partisanship by the French, Spanish, and Latin Americans? You start by caramelizing sugar to coat the mold, which imparts […]

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Smoke-Roasted Pears

Watch how it was done on Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke:

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Smoke-Roasted Apple Crisp

One way of savoring apples is as an apple crisp with a buttery, bubbling granola and brown sugar topping.

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Belgian Beer Brownies

Brownies pass three acid tests for world-class guy food: great taste; they’re easy to prepare; and women find them irresistible. The twist here comes with the addition of beer—more precisely, […]

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Drunken Watermelon

A super easy dessert that requires no cooking and only minimal knife skills. Remember to remind your guests that it does contain alcohol.

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Candied Bacon Sundaes

Here’s a dessert based on the assumption that everything tastes better with bacon—even dessert. It pays homage to my friends in Quebec (where I’ve taped my Maître du Grill TV […]

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