Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

Drinks and Cocktails

Smoky Mary

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke, to paraphrase the old saying, and the Raichlen twist on the traditional Bloody Mary burns it up with fresh horseradish and Sriracha (Thai hot sauce). […]

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Smoky Martini

This martini is fortified with liquid smoke, which makes it perfect for a barbecue.

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Dragon’s Breath

For months, I’ve been hearing about a smoking cocktail (literally) named the Dragon’s Breath. So my first stop on a recent trip to Scottsdale was the restaurant Renegade, where a […]

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Agave Heaven

This smoky twist on a margarita is the house specialty at the historic Hotel Fauchere in Milford, Pennsylvania. The smoke comes from the mescal (made with fire-roasted cactus hearts). The […]

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Smoky Manhattan

Whiskey has a natural affinity with wood smoke—after all, it’s aged in fire-charred barrels. If you think a classic Manhattan is good, wait until you try the scotch-enhanced version.

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