Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible


Grilled Clam and Pepper Kebabs

These simple but vibrant clam and pepper kebabs are from the Hama sushi restaurant in Venice, California.

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Peruvian Beef Kebabs (Anticuchos)

Peruvians from all economic classes eat these spicy kebabs dipped in fiery yellow chile sauce as a quick lunch on the go, a late night pick-me-up, and just about any […]

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Saffron-Lemon Shish Kebabs

Meat on a stick is the world’s oldest form of grilling. Virtually every culture has a version: Peruvian anticuchos, Spanish pinchos, Indonesian saté, Japanese yakitori—the list is virtually endless. But […]

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Shiitake and Scallion Kebabs

These colorful kebabs turn up at yakitori joints around Tokyo and make a terrific side dish or vegetarian appetizer.

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Yakitori Like They Make It in Japan

There must be a thousand restaurants in Tokyo like the Izakaya-Tamotsu near the train station in the Chiyoda-Ku ward: eight stools lined up at an L-shape counter; two rickety tables […]

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