Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible


Hoisin Glazed Quail

Quail were originally domesticated 1,000 years ago in East Asia so there is a nice historic tie to these Asian flavors. This recipe is simple enough for weeknight dinners and […]

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Because there’s so much flavor coming from the seasonings, this is a great dish to smoke on a gas grill.

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Beer-Can Turkey

Use this recipe as an alternative to the famous Beer-Can Chicken.

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Spatchcock Chicken with a Curry Mustard Crust

Some dishes you make because they’re both easy and drop-dead delicious. Others because they feature a killer technique. This mustard-crusted chicken has it all—showmanship, complex layers of curry mustard flavor, […]

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Grilled Chicken Wings with Hong Kong Spices (Shek O Wings)

Grilling normally plays a minor role in Chinese cuisine, but the Sunday crowds transform Shek O beaches into barbecue central. Vendors do a lively business in charcoal and grilling utensils. […]

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Smoke-Roasting a Turkey

To smoke-roast on a charcoal grill: Light the coals (preferably in a chimney starter), then rake the embers into two mounds at opposite sides of the grill with a disposable drip […]

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