Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible


Smoke-Roasting a Turkey

To smoke-roast on a charcoal grill: Light the coals (preferably in a chimney starter), then rake the embers into two mounds at opposite sides of the grill with a disposable drip […]

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Spit-Roasted Turkey Adobo

Here’s a adobo-marinated, mojo-sauced, Latino-inflected bird from Miami that broke me out of my New England mindset—cooked by a method that may not yet be in your repertory: spit-roasting on […]

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Grilled Eggs

A variation on “shirred” (baked) eggs. The flavorings are limited only to your imagination.

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Smoky Dutch Pancake

This cousin of the popover and Yorkshire pudding puffs dramatically on a hot grill.

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Wood Grilled Artichokes with Piment d’Espelette Aioli

A longstanding specialty at OX and the perfect antidote its unrepentantly carnivorous diet. Parboiling the artichokes speeds up the grilling sauce. By way of a sauce, OX serves aioli (garlic […]

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