Project Smoke

Smoking is the new grilling and Steven Raichlen is back with the first how-to show on American television exclusively about smoking: Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke. Using cool tools, fragrant fuels, and a world-class collection of smokers and grills, Steven Raichlen takes you on a tour of traditional and cutting-edge smoking techniques with the intelligence, substance, and style that made Raichlen's Primal Grill and Barbecue University two of the top rated food shows on public television.

Season 1

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Season 2

Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke - Episode 212: The Big Smoke

Episode 212: The Big Smoke

Good things may come in small packages, but when it comes to barbecue, bigger is better. Learn to think (and …

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Season 3

Inside-Out Cheeseburgers with Made-From-Scratch Ketchup

Episode 312: Global Tailgate

Victory will be yours! Start the party in the parking lot (or your backyard) this playbook for modern twists on …

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