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Caveman T-bone hits the Today Show

Caveman T-bone hits the Today Show If you happened to be walking by Rockefeller Plaza at around 8:40 a.m. on June 29, you witnessed a strange sight: a guy cooking bible-thick steaks on a bed of blazing charcoal--without even using a grill grate. It was Steven, bringing his Caveman T-bones--and the Ultimate Grilling Contest--to the Today Show. Matt Lauer was intrigued--so intrigued, he whacked off a 1 inch slice of the steak even before Steven...

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Ribs in Rock Center

Ribs in Rock Center As the sun rose over Rockefeller Plaza last week, Steven fired up a half dozen charcoal grills to prep for a rib segment for Weekend Today. Pictured here: Lone Star Beef Ribs (with a tall neck bottle of Lone Star beer) for making the mop sauce. Also on the menu: First Timers Baby Back Spare Ribs and Country Style Ribs with Chilean Pebre. So what's involved in prepping for a show like Weekend Today? Here Steven goes over smoking...

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One of the most unabashedly delectable meats at a chop house, like Chima, is picanha--a rolled piece of top sirloin with a thick cap of fat on top. Here's my step-daughter, Betsy, about to receive some paper-thin slices of picanha, the outside salty and crusty, the inside juicy and red. When meat's this good, you don't really need much of a condiment, but with barbecue, Brazilians traditionally serve farofa--cassava flour roasted with bacon, peppers,...

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