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LE MAITRE DU GRILL, 2011 ("THE GRILL MASTER")    Steven is framed in the viewfinder of our new high-tech HD (high definition) camera.    Steven prepares to barbecue Kansas City-style ribs on a rib rack.    Indian cheese kebabs (for the recipe and story, see Planet Barbecue).    Lomo al trapo--beef tenderloin roasted in a salt- and cloth-crust.

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PRIME RIB ON THE SET OF LE MAITRE DU GRILL    Nothing says "luxury" like a full 7-bone prime rib. Here's how we did it on the set of Steven's French language TV show, Le Maitre du Grill.  Start with a full 7-bone rack--15 to 20 pounds of proteinaceous pleasure.    Stud it with garlic and rosemary and place it on the rotisserie.      Here's what it looks like after 2-1/2 hours of cooking. ...

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Are you hungry yet?

Are you hungry yet? Here are some of the dishes we prepared during the taping of Primal Grill 3. (Show launches in May, 2010) Texas beef clod (smoked for 10 hours over oak) Jamaican jerk chicken Buccaneer ribs

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Caveman T-bone hits the Today Show

Caveman T-bone hits the Today Show If you happened to be walking by Rockefeller Plaza at around 8:40 a.m. on June 29, you witnessed a strange sight: a guy cooking bible-thick steaks on a bed of blazing charcoal--without even using a grill grate. It was Steven, bringing his Caveman T-bones--and the Ultimate Grilling Contest--to the Today Show. Matt Lauer was intrigued--so intrigued, he whacked off a 1 inch slice of the steak even before Steven...

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Ribs in Rock Center

Ribs in Rock Center As the sun rose over Rockefeller Plaza last week, Steven fired up a half dozen charcoal grills to prep for a rib segment for Weekend Today. Pictured here: Lone Star Beef Ribs (with a tall neck bottle of Lone Star beer) for making the mop sauce. Also on the menu: First Timers Baby Back Spare Ribs and Country Style Ribs with Chilean Pebre. So what's involved in prepping for a show like Weekend Today? Here Steven goes over smoking...

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One of the most unabashedly delectable meats at a chop house, like Chima, is picanha--a rolled piece of top sirloin with a thick cap of fat on top. Here's my step-daughter, Betsy, about to receive some paper-thin slices of picanha, the outside salty and crusty, the inside juicy and red. When meat's this good, you don't really need much of a condiment, but with barbecue, Brazilians traditionally serve farofa--cassava flour roasted with bacon, peppers,...

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