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CANADA'S BEST BAGELS FROM A WOOD-BURNING OVEN  Steven flew to Montreal recently for the launch of the French edition of Planete Barbecue. Along the way he found the best bagels in Montreal--hot and smoky from the wood-burning oven at the legendary Fairmount Bagel. Montreal bagels are unique in the annals of Jewish bread, and are simultaneously moister, chewier, and sweeter than their American counterparts. They quickly become addictive....

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Parlez vous barbecue?

Parlez vous barbecue? Steven and Barbara spent a week in Montreal recently for the launch of Barbecue d'Interieur, the French translation of Indoor Grilling. (Pictured on the top left of the poster.) Barbecue, the French version of How to Grill (pictured in the top right), recently passed the 100,000 mark in Quebec, and the publisher also released a boxed set of Steven's spices in the form of a book (bottom left). Pictured here from left to right...

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