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Winter Grilling

Do you do it in the winter? Grilling we mean.  A little snow wasn't about to stop Steven from grilling a pesto marinated spatchcock chicken after a December snowstorm in Martha's Vineyard. (Recipe on page 224 in How to Grill.) Here at, there's one question that separates the men from the boys in the winter: When it snows, what do you shovel first--the path to your car or the path to your grill? Do you have a great winter...

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Beer Can Success

One of the best things about my job is hearing from readers and viewers--especially about their barbecue triumphs. So I hope Joerg Grau won't mind if I show off the spectacular beer can chickens he kindly emailed to my attention. Steven, I have been a big fan of yours ever since I bought the original Barbecue Bible some 4 or 5 years ago. I have bought all your other barbecue books and love them all. I have even combined forces with a friend of...

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Miss Myra’s

Who says women don't make great pit masters? Not Renee Wheat of Miss Myra's BBQ in Birmingham, Alabama. The sauce is white (a mixture of mayonnaise and vinegar in the style of Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, Alabama). The chicken comes smoked to the color of burnished mahogany. Put them together and you get some of the best barbecued bird in the South. You may remember reading about Miss Myra's in BBQ USA. The restaurant inspired my smoked chicken...

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Finished dishes from BBQ USA

Finished recipes from BBQ USA: buffa-que wings, chicken sates, bridge painter's tuna, grilled pizza, bbq onions, and pulled pork sandwiches

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Big John’s Alabama Bar-B-Que

Best Joint: Big John's Alabama Bar-B-Que Where: 5707 North 40th Street, Tampa, Florida 33610 Phone: 813-626-9800 or 813-628-9353 Online: Are you kidding? These guys don't fool with no stinkin' PC! What: They serve pork, ribs, chickin, rabbit and other good stuff. Why: No don't leave! It's actually safe neighborhood and the place isn't on fire, but you may want to get your order to go if the smoke is too thick for you in the dining room....

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Holiday Grilling

What did you do over the holidays? We recovered from a quick trip to Buenos Aires. Talk about BBQ mania--these folks are downright obsessed. You'll find barbecue everywhere--at fancy restaurants, humble dives, roadside stands, and of course in people's backyards. There are actually three style of Argentinean BBQ. The first is parilla--what we'd call grilling. The preferred fuel (in Buenos Aires at least) is lump charcoal. Here you see a pit master...

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