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Attention Chocolate Lovers

Attention Chocolate Lovers OK, chocolate may not be a primary ingredient in barbecue. Although before dismissing the notion entirely, consider life at the grill without Mexican Mole Poblano barbecue sauce (page 176 in Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades), Chipotle Chocolate Ribs (page 110 in Raichlen on Ribs), and of course, any of the numerous variations on that scout staple, S'mores (page 512 in Barbecue Bible; page 438 in How to Grill; and page 736...

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The View

Steven returns to the View On Thursday, July 20, Steven will return to The View--this time to tackle the subject of rubs, marinades and barbecue sauces. Some of you may remember his last appearance, which focused on burgers. So what's on the menu? Ribs with Raichlen's rub. Bananas with dessert rub. The only marinade you'll ever need, and much more. Tune in: EST from 11 to noon.

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Grilled Peaches

Readers of my books know my enthusiasm for grilled fruit. Here's one of the most requested dishes in BBQ USA: cinnamon grilled peaches. Skewer ripe peach quarters on cinnamon sticks with a mint leave between each. The basting sauce is what I call my "vitamin B" glaze. It contains equal parts bourbon, butter, and brown sugar. (Boil until thick and syrupy.) For a religious experience, serve these guys over a vanilla ice cream filled martini glass. Amen!...

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