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Barbara on the Barbecue Trail

Barbara on the Barbecue Trail When you think of South African braai (barbecue), the first thing that comes to mind is meat. But fish braais are a big part of the barbecue culture in on Western Cape (South Africa's "Cape Cod" to the west of Cape Town). Here's Barbara Raichlen about to eat some roosterkoek (grilled rolls) at one of the most famous grilled fish restaurants in all of South Africa: Die Standloper. Well, restaurant is a bit of...

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Bush Grilling from Down Under

Bush Grilling from Down Under G'day, mates. Here's Steven in Sydney, with Australian bush cooking authority, Vic Cherikoff. He came here to learn how Australia's aborigines grill fish and he wasn't disappointed. The first thing you need is a barramundi, one of the sweetest fish in God's oceans. (Imagine the richness of East Coast shad crossed with the delicacy of West Coast hamachi.) You'll also need some paper bark (pictured above the fish--cedar...

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A “New” Way with Salmon

A "New" Way with Salmon A few weeks ago, Steven checked in with his friend, Mark Hewitt, for a traditional Pacific Northwest Indian salmon "bake." Mark runs Tillicum Village, a center of Pacific Indian culture and art on Blake Island near Seattle. Here he demonstrates the venerable art of barbecued salmon--Seattle style. The first step is to attach a whole wild king salmon to a cedar stake with cedar cross pegs. The fire will be built...

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You can grill what?

You can grill what? Steven has grilled a lot of strange things over the years and tasted a lot more. But this may be the strangest of all: sea cucumber ovaries--pressed into a cake that resembles a triangular poker chip. The bearer of this singular gift was one Kumahachi Moreno, a Japanese TV chef famous for singing his recipes on television, and when he came to visit Steven, he brought other strange foods to grill, including burdock root, red...

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Red wine with fish?  Steven has grilled in some pretty spectacular settings, but it was hard to beat the site of his recent class at the St. Francis Winery in the Sonoma Valley. Check out the backdrop: manicured rows of ripening merlot vines with the mountains in the background under a radiant California sky. Wine with barbecue? You bet! And you can even serve red wine with fish. Pictured here is Steven's planked salmon (recipe...

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Photo session in Martha’s Vineyard

Photo session in Martha's Vineyard. The Boston Globe sent a photo crew for a story for the Sunday Magazine. Here photographer Betsy Corsiglia and assistant Jenny get the camera ready to shoot my grilled swordfish with summer salsa and tiki beef kebabs (recipes on pages 461 and 77 in BBQ USA). The best food photos look like they were snapped in a couple of minutes, but they often require hours to light and style. Here's a close-up of the food.

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