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THE CULTURE OF BARBECUE ON "FRANCE CULTURE" For years, Steven has been listening to the radio program "France Culture. Finally, he had an opportunity to discuss his views on barbecue culture on France's most respected radio show devoted to the arts. Here he is in the studio. For all of our French-speaking followers, you can listen to the podcast by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

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Meet the Mentor

Meet the Mentor  So how did Steven get into food writing? In 1975, he won a Watson Foundation Fellowship to study, of all things, medieval cooking in Europe. His first stop (after the rare book and manuscript room at the Bibliotheque Nationale) was the La Varenne Cooking School in Paris. Here are Steven and his wife, Barbara, with La Varenne founder, Anne Willan, in front of Anne's chateau in Burgundy. Anne is the author of dozens of terrific...

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Shish kebab

Shish kebab anyone?  Meat on a stick is enjoyed throughout the world, but no one does it with more finesse than the Franco-Greek grill masters on the Rue de la Harpe and Rue St. Severin in the Latin Quarter in Paris. Almost every storefront in this warren of medieval streets features a charcoal or wood burning grill and a museum quality selection of shish kebabs. The following photo shows prawn, salmon, and crab kebabs (right) and pork...

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