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FOR GAS GRILL OWNERS: THE MUST-HAVE GRILLING TOOL You've got to love those grilling accessories! From digital remote meat thermometers to iPhone apps, there are tons of gadgets out there to help backyard chefs. But if you are a gas griller, there's one accessory you must never be without: a back-up propane tank. I always include this advice in my top ten barbecue tips. Surveys show that more than half of the people who grill with propane have...

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The Grate Debate: Charcoal versus Gas

The Grate Debate: Charcoal versus Gas This month we're testing charcoal. Briquettes and natural lump charcoal. Mesquite charcoal. Coconut shell charcoal. Kiawe charcoal from Hawaii. And the world's most expensive charcoal: bincho-tan from Japan. Do you have a favorite brand of charcoal? Tell us about it on the Barbecue Board. Here's Steven at Tanagokoro, the legendary charcoal shop in Tokyo, where Japan's rock-hard, slow and clean-burning,...

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Lights, Camera, Action for Safety As the sun rose over Bethesda, Maryland, last month, Steven hit the airwaves for a good cause--propane safety. Roughly 70 percent of American grillers use propane. The advantages are obvious: push button ignition, fast lighting, turn of the knob heat control, and quick cool down and clean up. Gas grills are easy to use, but it's important to follow some simple safety tips from the Propane Education & Research...

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