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History Like You’ve Never Experienced It

History Like You've Never Experienced It Steven kicked off his 2008 Barbecue Bible book tour with a lecture on the history of barbecue at Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. The visit was especially moving for Steven--when he was growing up, his dad, Sonny Raichlen, used to take him to the Museum of Natural History once a year. Steven's lecture and slide show cover nearly a million years of the history of barbecue. From an imagined...

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So what was the first barbecue?

So what was the first barbecue?  It's the question we've pondered a lot. In fact, Steven just spent two weeks in the Lot and Dordogne regions in southwest France researching the early use of fire. Just when our ancestors first used fire to cook food is hotly debated. Some archeologists put it as early as 1.8 million years ago; others between 400,000 and 250,000 B.C. One thing is for sure: fossil evidence in the form of fire charred bones...

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Mr. Steve Goes to Washington

Mr. Steve Goes to Washington In June, Steven's tour arrived in the nation's capitol, where the "Professor of Barbecue" gave a lecture on this history of barbecue at the Library of Congress. It was a homecoming of sorts. Thirty years earlier, fresh out of college, Steven spent several weeks at the Library studying ancient cookery manuscripts in preparation for a year long research project on medieval cooking in Europe on a Watson Foundation...

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Horsing Around Baltimore

Nostalgia time. At the risk of sounding older than I care to, when I was growing up in Baltimore, we sometimes bought watermelons from horse-drawn produce wagons. I recently returned to my hometown

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