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GRILLER'S TIPS FOR HURRICANE SURVIVAL Having survived Hurricane Andrew and other storms, I know how stressed those of you living in Sandy's path must feel. I wanted to share a few of the tips I've learned over the years here in hurricane-prone Florida. And a big thank you to some of my Facebook pals for sharing their advice, too. -Cover and tie down your grills, including lids, so they don't blow away or blow through your patio doors like a deadly...

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A 4TH OF JULY MENU, PART IV: BLUEBERRY CRUMBLEIt's the final installment of our countdown to the day when our obsession is made manifest all across the nation. Being the devoted grillers that we are, we must up the ante by grilling all the way through the menu. Time for dessert. BLUEBERRY CRUMBLE My wife Barbara has a passion for the tiny, sweet, incredibly fragrant low bush blueberries harvested in Maine at the end of July and the beginning...

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RIBS, Take 2

NO RIB RACK? NO PROBLEM One of the best-selling items in Steven's Best of Barbecue line of grilling products is a rib rack that holds four racks of ribs. (Find it at It was designed, of course, for indirect grilling, and fits perfectly in the center of a kettle grill. But Steven's assistant was forced to improvise recently when she learned, shortly after landing at LAX, that she was the designated cook for the evening and...

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