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BBQ Legend

Here's Steven with one of the greatest living legends of barbecue, Dr. Rich Davis, the child psychiatrist turned medical school dean turned barbecue baron, who built a lifelong love of smoke and fire into the best selling premium barbecue sauce in America. Rich invented KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, you see, and he was the first to realize you could make the sauce match the meat by adding a shot of liquid smoke. (Liquid smoke is an all natural product--made...

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Kansas City

Kansas City here we come. Week two of the the Indoor Grilling tour, we visited the Midwest, stopping in Kansas City to do a fund raiser for the fledgling Barbecue Hall of Fame and Museum Here's Steven with a "prairie schooner"--the sort of vehicle that brought East Coast pioneers to what would become one of the meccas of American barbecue. The Kansas City style (heavily smoked meats and sweet smoky barbecue sauce) originated in the 19th century...

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