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Lights, Camera, Action! It's official! Steven has a new TV show: The Primal Grlll, launching on PBS in May, 2008. Steven just spent the last two weeks taping on location at the historic Tubac Golf Resort in southern Arizona. Here Steven gets a lesson in operating a hand-held video camera. (It's a LOT harder than it looks.) So what's new about the show? Just about everything. New dishes, like Chinese five spice beef ribs and ginger lime lobster...

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Where’s Steven and What is He grilling?

Where's Steven and What is He grilling? Hint: check out the charcoal bag below. And by the way, look at the cool method for oiling the grill grate in the third photo. And here are the answers to the Where's Steven blog of October 21. Steven was in Moscow, Russia, and a The Continents Barbecue staged by Barbecue Magazine publisher Nikolai Baratov. (He's the guy in the black and orange apron next to Steven in the second photo.) Steven...

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Where’s Steven and What’s He Grilling?

Where's Steven and What's He Grilling?  Steven's journey around Planet Barbecue continues, and this week he's in, well, we'll make it easy, Moscow. Here he learns how to make an Uzbek ground lamb kebab called lulya. One of Steven's reasons for being in Moscow was to participate in a Barbecue from Three Continents, organized by Nikolai Baratov, the founder and editor of Russia's first (and only) barbecue magazine. Saint Basil's...

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Turkey in Manhattan

Turkey in Manhattan The Big Apple may not be the first place you'd expect to find authentic Turkish grilling, but when Steven visited Pera Mediterranean Brasserie (303 Madison Ave., tel. 212-878-6301), he found the best adana (spicy ground lamb) kebabs this side of Istanbul. Pera is the brainchild of one Cem Erenler, Ismir, Turkey-born, former Four Seasons Hotel Food and Beverage Manager, who always dreamed of opening his own restaurant. ...

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Patagonian Barbecue

Patagonian Barbecue The following was written by Nancy Loseke, Steven's assistant, who always tries to ferret out the best examples of barbecue wherever she goes in the world. On the outskirts of Santiago, Chile, partway up the side of a minor Andean mountain, is a restaurant the locals prefer to keep to themselves. It is called El Meson de la Patagonia--"Lamb Shack" for short. Even the feral felines that congregate on the periphery of the...

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Professor Is In

The Professor Is In Photo courtesy of Ellen and Barry Zilin, Class of 2006 The final session of BBQ U for 2006 winds up this week at the beautiful Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The curriculum this year was decidedly international in scope with menus drawing their inspiration not only from the Americas, but Europe, Africa, and Asia. One of the dishes popular with the "student body" was spit-roasted Mechoui of Lamb...

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