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BBQ Diplomacy

Barbecue diplomacy? Perhaps that's one way to get international relations back on track. This picture was taken at the legendary Rendezvous in Memphis, where I introduced German magazine reporter Gerhard Waldherr of Die Stern to Rendezvous co-owner John Vergos (center)--and the joy of Memphis style, dry ribs. The pit in the background is charcoal fired and the process is more akin to grilling than smoking. (The Rendezvous uses no wood.) The cooked...

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Big John’s Alabama Bar-B-Que

Best Joint: Big John's Alabama Bar-B-Que Where: 5707 North 40th Street, Tampa, Florida 33610 Phone: 813-626-9800 or 813-628-9353 Online: Are you kidding? These guys don't fool with no stinkin' PC! What: They serve pork, ribs, chickin, rabbit and other good stuff. Why: No don't leave! It's actually safe neighborhood and the place isn't on fire, but you may want to get your order to go if the smoke is too thick for you in the dining room....

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