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A VISIT WITH THE MAD SCIENTIST OF THE GRILL You've probably heard of Nathan Myhrvold, the Microsoft IT genius-turned-food-visionary. He authored the James Beard Award Cookbook of the Year--Modernist cuisine--the most expensive and ambitious cookbook in history. What you may not know is that Dr. Myhrvold is a major barbecue geek. I caught up with him recently at his state-of-the-art lab in Seattle, Washington. To shatter myths and understand what...

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BOOK TOUR CHRONICLES: SEATTLE Amazing dinner at Willows Inn on Lummi Island north of Seattle. Chef Blaine Wetzel trained with Rene Redzepi at the legendary restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Dinner comes in 20 tiny courses. Above, one of Blaine's sous chefs cold smokes sockeye salmon. The fish has been brined and glazed with honey and butter. The finished salmon served on a rustic plank. You eat it with your fingers. Firing up the oak burning...

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A “New” Way with Salmon

A "New" Way with Salmon A few weeks ago, Steven checked in with his friend, Mark Hewitt, for a traditional Pacific Northwest Indian salmon "bake." Mark runs Tillicum Village, a center of Pacific Indian culture and art on Blake Island near Seattle. Here he demonstrates the venerable art of barbecued salmon--Seattle style. The first step is to attach a whole wild king salmon to a cedar stake with cedar cross pegs. The fire will be built...

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