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WINTER GRILLING, CONTINUED S'mores on a frozen lake at Camp Towanda in Pennsylvania with our friends Mitch and Stephanie Reiter. What's the craziest thing YOU'VE ever put on a s'more? Here are ideas for variations on the theme: 1) Uptown S'Mores--s'mores using chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers--see Barbecue Bible, page 512. 2) Nutella S'Mores--spread cinnamon graham crackers with Nutella or another hazelnut chocolate spread...

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Dueling marshmallows! Meet two of the staffers at Barbecue University: Greenbrier Cooking School Director, Eve Cohen, and Instructor, Sue Moats. The marshmallows are homemade, of course, and our students cook their s'mores to order in one of the school's manorial hearths. (For more info on homemade marshmallows, see recipe on page736 in BBQ USA.)

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