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Salute to Steak ... Salute to our Troops  No matter where you stand on the war in Iraq or the administration, we can all agree that the troops fighting it deserve our support. Our friends at the Weber Grill Company have come up with a unique and tasty way to show your support: buy their new book: Command of the Grill

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One of the most unabashedly delectable meats at a chop house, like Chima, is picanha--a rolled piece of top sirloin with a thick cap of fat on top. Here's my step-daughter, Betsy, about to receive some paper-thin slices of picanha, the outside salty and crusty, the inside juicy and red. When meat's this good, you don't really need much of a condiment, but with barbecue, Brazilians traditionally serve farofa--cassava flour roasted with bacon, peppers,...

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Argentinean Steak

Naturally, steak plays a big part of Argentinean grill. The grass fed beef of the Pampas has a terrific flavor and texture. Pictured here is one of my favorite cuts: tira de asado--a long slender rib steak make by cutting the steer's rib cage crosswise. You can find this cut in many butcher shops and supermarkets in North America (particularly if there's a large Argentinean community nearby). You'll find a recipe for grilling tira de asado on...

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