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BEER CAN TURKEY  Raichlen fan Steve Hoch of Wheaton, Illinois, made a beer can turkey for Thanksgiving, and decided to reprise his success for Christmas. (That's his Thanksgiving bird above.) He reports he took advantage of every opportunity to keep the turkey moist. He first brined the bird, then positioned it on a 16-ounce can of beer (drained of half its contents). Steve also poured turkey broth into the drip pan and sprayed the bird with...

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE! One thing is a given at a Raichlen family Thanksgiving: A smoke-roasted turkey will be the centerpiece of the holiday meal. One of our favorites was this Orange-Brined Turkey perfected on the set of Steven's television show, Primal Grill (see a still shot of the filming above). And the leftovers, served on a sandwich with Orange Mayo, were killer. Normally, smoking is done at lower temperatures, typically 225 to 250...

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GUEST BLOG FROM OUR FILIPINO GRILLING EXPERT FRIEND, ALEX PAMAN  Alex had the good fortune to attend a Hmong barbecue over the Thanksgiving holiday. We asked him to write a guest blog for the site. Do you have something interesting to share, preferably with photos? We're always looking for guest blogs--let us know. Outside of its own community, Hmong food is probably the least explored Asian cuisine in America today. The Hmong are the latest...

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody To celebrate here's the cinnamon-orange brined turkey we made at Primal Grill III. Recipe in our November newsletter. If you don't yet get our newsletter, sign up now at It's free and in December you'll get our annual holiday barbecue gift guide. Steven cooked the turkey in an offset barrel smoker (left). You can also use a Big Green Egg (left in the background) or upright water smoker, like...

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Smoking Thanksgiving Turkey

When it comes to cooking turkey for Thanksgiving, I know of no better method than smoking. The low, slow cooking keeps the bird--even the delicate white meat--moist. The smoke adds a bold dimension of flavor. Cooking the turkey on the grill frees up your oven for the side dishes and it gives you an excuse to stay outdoors enjoying the crisp fall weather and sip a few cold ones with your friends. Best of all, it's a very easy way to cook a turkey and...

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